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The Pareto Principle Works!

The other day my wife asked me to send her a template of a sanction form for a judo event we were planning. I sent her the email and wrote, “here it is.”

Later that morning I received an email from her, stating that she couldn’t find the file and to check if I sent it.

“Of course I sent it,” I thought. When we passed in the kitchen I admitted to her that I had forgotten to attach the document. However, more important than the document itself, I came to an epiphany that morning. After over 30 years of marriage I realized the Pareto principal really works! The Pareto principle is the 80/20 rule. In our case my wife is right 80% of the time and I am right only 20% of the time (maybe in reality she is right 95% of the time).

If I had believed that principle when we first got married, life would have been so much easier. Perhaps I have become wiser with age because I now listen more to my wife.

Throughout the years I have learned that I alone don’t have all the answers. If I want to make a positive impact in our society, it is best to do it with a team of dedicated people who have a oneness of vision and passion to transform our world. I am in the process of casting the vision for our dojo to see who will want to join with us to make a difference through judo.


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