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More to This Life Than Judo

The name of our club is Honolulu Judo Club. At first glance, when you walk into the dojo, it looks like a typical place where you learn judo fundamentals, skills, and train to be competitive. However, beyond the purpose of learning judo, there is a deeper purpose and goal of the club. The fact is that many judo clubs have a deeper purpose than just judo. This is because the very foundation of Kodokan Judo holds to two main tenants: Seiryoku Zenyou and Jita Kyoei. I will leave the explanation of these two pillars of judo to another blog.

To me, Judo is more than becoming stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is more than making the world a better place, seeking world peace, building lifelong friendships, and leaving a legacy for the generations to come. Although these things are important, for me there is an even more encompassing purpose. For me It is about the preparation for life after this life here on earth. I believe that there is more than just the number of years we are allotted in this life–much more. I am talking about a life that will go on forever and ever. In other words, life for all eternity.

Personally, I have a hard time comprehending the idea of eternity. In my finite thinking, how does one grasp the idea of "forever"? Living somewhere and doing something, time without end? But what if this is true? What if we will live forever?

Recently I asked an old college friend what he thought about life after this life. He responded that he doesn’t think about it. May be I shouldn’t be surprised. For many it’s something that we cannot imagine or believe since we cannot see or experience it on this side of life. How can one know for sure if there even is existence after this life? The thought can be overwhelming for some so they choose not to think about it.

I don’t claim to know the answers to the mysteries of life. That’s why they are called mysteries. I have come to the conclusion that there are many unanswerable questions–at at least on this side of eternity.

Even though I don’t have all the answers to the question of eternity, I still think it is something that we should give great thought to. After all, eternity is time without end and the choices we make here on earth can have "forever" consequences. Therefore, I want to prepare as best I can for the next life. This is something that I see is an important aspect of life. A purpose worthy of pondering and preparing for.


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