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Falling Is a Technique!


A specially designed class for adults over 50 based on the foundations of Judo Ukemi and Newaza with the goal to build strength, improve mobility and decrease the risk of injuries and bone fractures from falling.


Ukemi: The Art of Falling

Ukemi literally means "protecting your body" and is usually translated into English as break-fall, or the art of falling. It is the foundational technique of learning to protect yourself from injury by learning to fall correctly.

Falls and Fractures

Bones weaken with age, and as bone strength decreases, falls are more likely to result in fractures.  The four most common fracture sites in the elderly are the hip, spine, wrist, and shoulder


Frequent Falls

When a person falls sideways, they risk fracturing the hip. When they fall backwards, they risk fracturing their spine. When falling forward, they use their hands to break the fall or land on their shoulder and risk fracturing their wrist or shoulder.

Correct Falling

In this class, students will learn side ukemi to prevent the most serious hip fractures, plus backward ukemi to prevent spine fractures. Forward & forward-roll ukemi are more difficult exercises and will be taught in more advanced class.


Strength and Flexibility

Everyday movements such as getting up from a chair or getting out of bed require strong muscle strength and flexibility throughout the body. Newaza exercises use the movements involved in judo mat techniques to strengthen the muscles of the arms, back and buttocks, as well as to improve mobility and flexibility.

New Class Starting May 11!

8-week course runs May 11 to July 13 (no class June 1 and July 6).

Every Saturday afternoon from 12 noon to 1pm.

Course fee $75. No judo-gi required.

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