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The Gathering

Come to our monthly Gathering where we get together to worship, hear an inspirational Christian message and fellowship together with a potluck dinner.  Every first Saturday of the month from 6-8pm.

Resilient Victorious in a Broken World -

August 5, 2023 Kevin Asano

Amid great seasons, we will all battle mental health and emotional challenges. God walks us through mental and emotional challenges that will emerge in life. Through seeking God, we discover God’s plan and that we are not alone.


Resilient Victorious in a Broken World - Social Square Title.jpg

July 1, 2023 Kevin Asano

 When we obey God in the face of opposition, we position ourselves to see God’s miraculous hand of provision in our lives. God’s provision may not look how we expect, but it will always be what we need.

Blessed - Social Square Title.jpg

May 6, 2023 Kevin Asano

Prayer is not about getting religious attention from others, nor is it a means to manipulate God as the Pagans do. Instead, we are talking to our Father in Heaven. Jesus also gives a clear pattern for us to use in prayer that keeps God and His will the focus.


Doing Life Together

Real change happens in our small groups

True and lasting change results from being in consistent, authentic relationships with one another. Like Jesus and the early Church, we create opportunities for connection and discipleship one to one and in small groups, where we grow through processing the Word, praying for one another, and doing life together.

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