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The Joy of Every Sensei (and This Dad)

Several years ago I asked my sensei, Fukushima Sensei, what he enjoyed about teaching judo. He remarked that he found great satisfaction in seeing how his students turned out when they became adults. Many times he would fondly talk about his students like they were his sons and daughters. With pride he shared how they became outstanding men and women. It’s interesting to note that his oldest former students are now in their 80’s.

I have been teaching judo for over 30 years. Like my sensei, it a privilege to see our club’s students grow to become wonderful people in our society. It’s a special joy to see students whom I trained now become sensei themselves. The generational circle continues!

Time moves so quickly. Seems like just yesterday my eight-year-old son was a cute and cuddly little baby. Last night he passed the threshold of no return–I measured his wrist and it is bigger than mine. I can only imagine what he will be like when he is a teenager and later a man.

Having hindsight gives me the motivation to continue to invest my life into young people, both my children and students. Now is the time to sow seeds of success into their lives with the joyful hope of seeing a future of a fruitful harvest.


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