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Signs of Aging and Stress

This afternoon I picked up my eight-year-son. As we waited at the intersection for the light to turn green, my son started stroking my hair from the back seat and exclaimed, “You have a bouquet of stress hair!” Immediately I burst out laughing. Does it really show? My hair is catching up with my age and the stresses of life are starting to show! Quickly, he added, “Would you rather me say you have a field of stress hair?”

During these times of stress, I have found judo to be a great way to cope and relieve the pressure. I realize two ways that judo helps in releasing stress. One, it provides a physical outlet to get a good sweat and burn off pent-up negative energy and anxiety. The physical exertion releases chemicals to the brain and brings emotional well-being to the soul. Two, it is a way to feel connected to others who have a like passion and a sincere compassion for each other–like a band of brothers (and sisters) who have your back when you need help. As one member of the club texted to me the other day, “I’m 100% in support of you and your vision with the club…” That gave me energy and encouragement to keep fighting the good fight of faith.

Yes, we are all growing older and will continue to experience stressful situations. However, we can grow old graciously, enjoying a love relationship with God, family, and friends–all while doing judo together. Now that is a formula for a blessed life indeed.

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