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Daddy Sensei

My wife and I have been raising children for 23 years now. My favorite time of the day has always been saying goodnight and tucking my children into bed. My youngest of five kids just turned nine years old and he still wants me to take him to bed. I’ll read, pray, sing, scratch his back, clean his ears, and just talk story. At the end, as I walk down the stairs, we tell each other, “I love you.” One ritual that I have done with all of my kids is to tell them that they are my favorite. Then I follow up by telling them they are all my favorite. I explained to my son the other day that God’s love is so vast that we can love people with all of our hearts and never run out of love for others. God’s love has no limits in its height, depth, and breadth.

Tonight at Open Mat practice, as we bowed out in our circle formation, I noticed that many of the adult participants were young enough to be my children. I see each member from a different perspective–perhaps it’s a father’s perspective. I am beginning to feel a new sense of love and grace for people that I had never experienced before. I know that I am not spiritual or holy, but I know that people come in and out of our lives because of changing circumstances. Now, as I look at the people God has brought into my life, I want to love them with an everlasting love. He sees all of us as His favorites.


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