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Joshi (Girls')
Competitive Judo

Program Guidelines

  • Focus on competitive judo

  • Practices are open to all clubs

  • Judoka must sign Honolulu Judo Club waiver forms, but must remain with their home dojo 

  • All judoka must be a current member of USJF or USJA. Please bring a hard copy of your USJF card, or send an email with your membership card to prior to atttending your first practice


Focus: Goal Setting/Strength & Conditioning/Targeted Skill Acquisition

  • Nagekomi, uchi-komi (both tachiwaza and newaza)

  • Competitive rules and strategy

  • No open randori sessions


The purpose of the Joshi Competitive Judo Class is to provide a compassionate, goal-oriented, uplifting, safe, and supportive space for us–motivated and committed girls and women–to reach our goals through competitive judo.

Practice Time & Location

Sundays 3-5pm

Honolulu Judo Club

620 Waipa Lane, Honolulu Hi 96817


Practice may be cancelled on Sundays when there is a tournament. Please inquire ahead of time.


In order for our precious time together to be intentional, efficient, and fruitful, all participants must have a goal or reason for being on the mat. This goal or reason must be personal (“I statements”) and well-defined/measurable (e.g. I want to medal at States; I want to be strong enough to be able to do 25 push-ups, etc.)


In order to join the class, before stepping onto the mat, this goal will be written on a notecard, presented to our group, and posted on the goal board.  By leaving our personal goals on display, we can hold ourselves and each other accountable, share in each other’s struggles and successes, and encourage each other along the way.

A person without a plan is a person who plans to fail.

Plan your work; work your plan.

Without a goal, the path forward is unclear.

Without a destination, you will never arrive.

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