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  • Do you offer free trial classes/practices?
    Yes, we do! We will not charge you until you have had a chance to try out a couple of our various classes and practices so you can be sure it is the right fit for you. However, our national governing body requires us to only allow athletes with USJF or USJA membership onto the mat. If you currently do not have USJF or USJA membership, you will need to purchase a membership first. Please go to to purchase a one-month or one-year membership.
  • Do I need to call first before coming to enroll or check out any of the classes or practices?
    It is not necessary to make an appointment. However, we recommend that you contact us first either by calling our number or using the contact form below in case there have been any sudden changes in our class schedules due to some unforeseen circumstance.
  • Can parents stay and watch the kids’ classes?
    Yes. Parents and other family members are welcome to stay and watch. For safety reasons, we ask that you keep an eye on your younger children and do not allow them to roam around without supervision.
  • Can I drop my child off and come pick them up at the end of class?
    Yes. Parents may drop their children off and return at the end of class to pick them up. For safety reasons, we ask that parents either accompany them upstairs to check them in, or remain in the parking lot until you see that your child has made it safely up the stairs and inside the dojo. Please do not have your child wait outside by themselves after class; they should stay inside the dojo until you have arrived to pick them up.
  • Do you take older adult beginners?
    Yes, we do! We have a class for adult beginners on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6pm to 7:30pm. Adults are also welcome to join the Tuesday and Thursday teen classes; the beginners’ class which focuses on proper ukemi (falling techniques) is from 4:30-5:30pm.
  • How much judo experience do I need to participate in Open Mat?
    The open mat practices focus mainly on uchikomi, nagekomi, and randori, and is for those who already have a general foundation in tachiwaza and newaza as this is not an instructional class. Participants should be have good ukemi skills to avoid getting injured while doing randori. If you are unsure whether this practice for you, please come out and observe one of our practices.
  • Is the Tuesday and Thursday class only for teenagers?
    Younger students are welcome to join the teen class as long as they are not disruptive and physically able to keep up with the class. Beginners should start with the 4:30-5:30pm class to learn proper ukemi (falling techniques) and basic tachiwaza (standing techniques) and newaza (mat techniques). While all of our classes focus on character building, discipline and fundamental judo techniques, the intermediate and advanced class on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be conducted at a faster pace than the K-6 class on Wednesdays and Fridays. Adults are welcome to join the class as well.
  • Why does the Friday 7:30pm class say I need to call first?
    Our instructor will be traveling to the dojo for only one class, therefore we ask that you let us know whether or not you will be coming so we can let the instructor know in case no one is able to attend.
  • Is the F.I.T. Class safe for those with osteoporosis, arthritis, or other medical condition?
    Although the instructors and assistants of our F.I.T. class are not fall prevention experts and we do not guarantee that taking the class will help to prevent you from falling, we will consider any physical limitations you may have and help you to learn how to fall safely and build strength, mobility and flexibility that may help prevent major injuries from falling. If you are unsure about your safety, please consult with a physician first and obtain medical clearing before signing up.
  • How do I sign up? Can I enroll online?
    For safety reasons, we currently do not offer online enrollment and ask that you come in person to the dojo to sign up. Forms may be downloaded and completed before you come, or we have printed forms available for you at the dojo.
  • What is the monthly membership cost?
    Although our listed monthly membership fee is $150 per month, we are currently offering 50% off to all inaugural members. The discount will continue for as long you remain a member of Honolulu Judo Club. The $75 monthly membership fee will give you access to all of the classes and practices offered at the club which you are qualified to participate in. Yudansha and those who who are members of another dojo (i.e. you will be instructed, tested and promoted at another dojo) only pay $50 a month for open mat practice membership.
  • Do you offer a discount for siblings?
    We're sorry, we currently do not offer family discounts.
  • How do I pay for membership?
    Once you sign up and submit all of the forms, we will send an invoice to you at the email address which you designate. You may follow the invoice links to pay by credit card or bank transfer, or you may come to the dojo in person to pay by cash, check (made out to Honolulu Judo Club), credit card, or Apple/Google pay.
  • Can I use Venmo?
    No, we currently do not accept Venmo as a form of payment
  • Do you give refunds if I don’t attend a class? What if I’m going on vacation?
    We do not give refunds for individual missed classes. If you are going on vacation and will miss classes for the entire month, please let us know by the 7th of the month and we will not bill you for that month. You are welcome to make up for any individual missed classes by attending any one of our other classes offered during the week. There are no make-up classes available for the FIT 8-week course; if you will be missing too many classes to justify your payment, we recommend that you wait for another upcoming course when you will be able to attend most of the classes.
  • What if paid for the month but can no longer come due to injury, schedule change etc?
    We will be happy to refund your monthly membership payment if you decide not to continue or are unable to do so because of an injury or other circumstance. Please contact or let your instructor/coach know. USJF membership fees are nonrefundable and out of our club’s control. If you sign up for our F.I.T. Class and decide to cancel before the second class, we will refund the non-USJF portion of your payment.
  • Do you have an automatic payment option?
    Yes. After you receive your Square invoice, choose Pay Invoice, input your credit card or bank information, then choose Save payment method. You will be able to cancel the automatic payment at anytime.
  • How do I cancel or pause autopay?
    You may cancel your automatic payment at anytime by choosing Update payment method from your Square invoice, then choosing Remove card on file. In order to pause an automatic payment for one month or more, please contact us at and we will pause your billing for as many months as necessary. Let us know when you are ready to return, and we will start it back up.
  • I have a black belt. Why is there a charge for me to participate in Open Mat?
    Our Open Mat practices are a place for intermediate and advanced players to have fun and work out as well as receive coaching on how to improve their techniques and randori skills. The $50 dojo membership fee offers access to our facility and amenities as well as practices three times a week. If your schedule does not allow for you to come out on a regular basis, we offer a drop-in fee of $15 for black belts ($20 for non-black belts). There is no charge for yudansha who only wish to come out and assist our judo fundamentals classes.
  • Why do I need USJF membership to practice?
    Our national governing body, the United States Judo Federation, requires us to only allow athletes with USJF (or USJA) membership onto the mat. This is for everyone’s safety and ensures that the liability insurance plan for all of our members is valid and will provide benefits in case of an accident. This insurance is excess over other insurance you may have and benefits will only be paid for those eligible expenses left unpaid by other insurance.
  • What if I have a USA Judo membership?
    Our national governing body, the United States Judo Federation, requires us to only allow athletes with USJF or USJA membership onto the mat. We ask that you sign up for a one-year $70 USJF membership when you join our club. If your stay with us is only short term, we recommend that you sign up for a 1-month USJF membership ($25) or a 10-day USJA membership ($10). Go to or
  • What if I have national membership from another country?
    If you have national judo membership from a country other than the USA we will need to see documentation stating that your insurance is covered even while practicing oversees. Many national judo organizations only cover oversea’s practice for those who are representing the country in an official capacity. If you will be visiting Hawaii and plan to practice judo here, we recommend that you find out beforehand if you will be covered in the USA, and bring proof of both your active membership and the coverage. Otherwise we recommend that you sign up for a 1-month USJF membership ($25) or a 10-day USJA membership ($10). Go to or
  • Is there really no charge for the Girls’ Competition Practice?
    There is no charge. The Girls’ Competition Practice is an open, joint practice for any female athlete from any club or dojo with valid USJF or JA membership who is looking for other females to practice with. We are not looking to recruit players from other clubs, and participants must agree that they will not leave the club they currently are a member of.
  • Do I need to wear a judo gi?
    Yes, although you are welcome to try your first class without a judo gi, we recommend that you wear a gi if you will continue to practice judo. We have beginner grade gis available for purchase at the dojo, as well as second hand gis for you to borrow. Various brands of judo gis may also be purchased online.
  • Can I wear my jujitsu gi? Can my gi be colored or have designs etc?
    Yes, jujitsu gis are allowed for judo practice, however those who wish to compete in judo tournaments will need to purchase a proper judo gi. Colored jujitsu gis and gis with patterns are also allowed for judo practice only. Karate gis are too thin and not appropriate for judo practice.
  • Do you sell judo gis and belts at the dojo?
    Yes, we sell Fuji or HSU brand single weave white gi sets from Size 000 to Size 5 at the dojo. Prices range from around $60 to $80 dollars. A white belt is included in each gi set. Color belts can be ordered but are not available for sale on site.
  • What do I wear for the F.I.T. Class?
    Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Shorts, leggings, or sweatpants for bottoms and t-shirts and tank tops that are not too revealing for tops. Avoid clothing that is too loose fitting as they may bunch up. Socks are not required but permitted if you prefer to wear them. Choose clothing without buttons or zippers and make sure to empty out your pockets before class.
  • Why does the judo gi sale page on the website require a passcode?
    Since we have limited storage space and therefore a limited amount of gis available for sale, the judo gis and the prices we offer are reserved for students and members of Honolulu Judo Club.
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