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Your Passion Follows Your Purpose

Updated: May 11, 2022

I spoke at the PAC 5 high school judo team last week before the State Championships. I shared that your passion will follow your purpose. I asked them to think about why they do judo and what their motivation is when they compete. One of the leaders on the team said his main “why” was his dad. He wanted to make his dad proud and thank him for investing all these years into his life.

I was touched by this student’s comments about his dad. I have had the privilege of knowing his dad for several years now. He is a role model as a Christian, father, husband, businessman, Sensei, and friend. I can see how his son looks up to him and wants to make his dad proud.

I shared with the team. But I in turn was personally moved and learned by the team.

I’d like to hear what your "why" is in doing judo. Drop me a line.


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