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On Your Way to Amazinghood

In the future I can see that you…

When you look at others what can you see? Do you only see who they are today or can you also see by faith who they can become in the future?

Words have more power than we realize. We should choose to use our words to speak life and hope. Speak into lives with the heart of discernment and faith.

Tonight I was talking with a young adult about perspective in life. I shared with her how today my wife is not the same woman she was when we first married over 30 years ago. Not to say that she wasn’t an awesome woman when I met her, but today she is even more gracious, more merciful, more loving and more godly.

I shared with this young adult that she herself is on the road to amazinghood! We all have areas of weakness and shortcomings but as we allow God to change us we will become the amazing people we are called to be. Here’s the question: Are we willing to humble ourselves, surrender our will and allow God to do a deep work of maturity?

A few years ago I remarked to a therapist that I didn’t want to change because it took too much hard work. I wanted to just live the easy, carefree life and just slide into eternity without pain or suffering. Just make me healthy, wealthy, and prosperous. That conversation was a defining moment in my life because it was the point where I decided that if I am to get out of the rut that I was in I would need to change. Through a song that the therapist shared with me, a new desire to change supernaturally began to well up within my soul. Today my prayer is that I will not stop changing, not stop wanting to be different. If you are interested, the song is titled “Different” by Micah Tyler.

The great thing about growing older is that you have the vantage point to see people from a different perspective. You can see where they came from and who they have become. I have noticed that many people who seemed like there was nothing special about their lives have made something of themselves.

Today I try to look at everyone who walks into our dojo with a lens of love and respect. They are a precious gift from God and called to be amazing people. Let’s continue to spread "amazinghood" affirmations to those whom God has brought into our lives.


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