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Masamichi Aoki

Volunteer Open Mat Coach

3rd Degree Black Belt

Masamichi Aoki started judo in 2002 in Miyazaki, Japan. He was an active and restless child, but through judo learned self-control. As a junior high school student, Masamichi won the 81kg weight class at the National Junior High School Athletic Meet and became the top in Japan. Later, as a representative of Japan, he placed 3rd at the International Masters Bremen U17 in Germany and 2nd at the Asian U17 Championships Taipei in Taiwan.

Masamichi was captain of the Nihon University judo team in his senior year and placed 3rd in the 90kg weight class at the All-Japan University Judo Championships.

Upon graduation, Masamichi worked as a professional judoka for three years at Asahi Kasei. He trained with his Olympic gold medalist and World Champion teammates, and finished 2nd in the 81kg division of the All-Japan Businessmen's Judo Championships.

Currently, he is retired from active sports and has established his own web and video production company, which he is working on expanding.

Masamichi has been coming to Hawaii regularly to voluntarily teach judo since his first visit to Hawaii in 2019. Now, he looks forward to doing judo at Honolulu Judo Club, which is a part of his life.

His hobbies include traveling, spending time at his parents' Wagyu beef farm, and enjoying nature.


Victor Huynh

Volunteer Open Mat Coach

2nd Degree Black Belt

Victor Huynh grew up in Hawaii but began his judo career in 2008 at the age of 24 with Sensei Noriaki Bunasawa at Bunasawa Kai Judo in Costa Mesa, California. 

He won the 2011 US Senior National Championships in the -100kg division, and was ranked number one in the US between 2011 and 2012. Victor has equal passion for kata as well as competition, and his  favorite throws are  seoi-nage and uchimata.

On his days off from work, Victor likes to hang out with his family, cook, and play various instruments. He can play brass, strings, bass, piano, and drums. He also has a passion for sake.

​Victor currently resides in Texas but visits Hawaii often and jumps back into coach mode as soon as he steps foot in the dojo.

Anthony Kwon

Open Mat Coach

3rd Degree Black Belt

Anthony Kwon started judo in 1998 at Hodokan Judo Club in Honolulu under Sensei George Tsubota as a 5-year-old boy. He was a junior national champion before becoming San Jose State University’s Judo Team captain from 2011 to 2015.

His various accomplishments include winning the 2009 Jr. Pan American Games in Venezuela as well as the 2012 & 2013 National Collegiate Judo Championships. He was ranked number one in the Male 66kg Senior’s division during his career. Anthony developed a successful Adapted Judo program while he was in San Jose, providing special needs children with a safe environment to engage in physical activity.

Currently, Anthony is a medical intern at the University of Hawaii. When he is not busy practicing medicine or coaching judo, Anthony enjoys surfing, eating, playing spike ball and spending time with his wife.

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